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our service

Parents of classmates who enroll in overseas schools through us do not need to pay any additional fees (the school pays the relevant intermediary commission), you only need to pay the exact same fees listed on the school website or in the books.

One-to-one counseling service

A professional counselor will take care of your entire application process. You can contact the counselor for details through telephone, Email, Skype, Whats App and other channels

Successful application

It is said that the success rate of overseas students applying to foreign universities by themselves is less than 30%. Due to the large number of applicants from foreign universities, the school hopes that through us, we will assist you to complete the required application to ensure that you meet the basic requirements for admission and that the application materials are complete and correct.

Close relationship with the school

We will maintain a good relationship with the school and regularly exchange educational information. And provide you with the latest news about studying abroad

Overseas study experience

Most of our college admission specialists have overseas study experience, these experiences enable us to provide you with the best service to ensure your application is successful

Advancement plan

We will tailor the most professional advancement plan according to the student’s grades, wishes and parents’ financial affordability to ensure your satisfaction

Preparatory Lectures

We will invite representatives of overseas universities and institutions to come and explain to students the life and learning environment of studying abroad

College interview

We will invite representatives from overseas universities and institutions to provide instant interviews to students

student visa

We will assist students in applying for student visas for further studies in different countries

Housing and airport pick-up arrangements

We will contact local colleges and universities to assist students in applying for housing and airport pick-up arrangements when studying there

Continuous support

Students can get our comprehensive support from consultation to successful application for admission, and we will still provide you with services during your studies


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