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About Us

About Us

Marktops has a strong network and connections in China, especially the Canadian market. Director Andes Lam is one of the heads of recruitment. Executive Officer (Asia) of Alathena International College, involving more than 10 campuses in Canada. In order to continuously develop the company, we provide students with one-stop services, including student application, accommodation arrangements, application for study permits, placement or internship arrangements and frequent follow-up, etc. Marktops is here to provide you with the best quality service, such as arranging different types of seminars and interview sessions will allow you to fully prepare. From 2015 to 2017, the director of Santos Jofee (Santos Jofee) worked in the overseas study group (Mong Kok), and then in 2017 established the overseas study group Tusen Wan Limited. Overseas international education business and student recruitment in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the best service and provide students with the best learning opportunities. Studying abroad is one of the most important investments in their lives.



The center provides comprehensive tutoring classes and further education guidance for primary and secondary schools, and cooperates with many local and overseas famous colleges. The teaching is assisted by a number of caring foreign and overseas tutors, which effectively provide students with the needs of learning and specialist practice. Due to the impact of the epidemic on students’ schooling, the center provides non-stop learning to follow up the progress of the subject. All-round relief of the pressure of parents and students to upgrade their homework and silent book exams.

With the assistance of Marktops, I successfully realized my dream of studying in the United States!

Ally Wong

I highly recommend Marktops to everyone! Marktops helped me fulfill my dream of studying abroad.

Jack Lee

Marktops Education has given me a lot of help during my advancement process! I am very grateful to meet the mentors here!

Vincent Ng

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