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New Zealand

New Zealand became independent in 1947 and is an island country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The population is about 4 million, and the capital Wellington already accounts for about one-fourth of the population. New Zealand is an immigrant country with a racially diverse population. The 2013 Census found that New Zealand had 213 races, which is more than the total number of 196 countries in the world. The five most populous races are European whites, Maori, Asians, Samoans and Indians. Asians account for about 8% of the population1, of which about 3%2 live in Auckland, making about 23% of the population of Auckland Asian.

New Zealand is a country with simple folk customs, cleanliness, greenery, pleasant scenery, dense forests and numerous wild animals. It also has a lively city to a country with colorful scenery and beautiful scenery.