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The United States is located in central North America, with a population of approximately 300 million, and its capital is in Washington. Regardless of agriculture, manufacturing, energy management, technology and education, it is at the world’s leading level. The United States is rich in agriculture, minerals, and forest resources, and it also has a pivotal position in the world.

According to the statistics of the US Population Dynamics Research Report in 2011, the number of Chinese Americans is about 4 million. The Chinese are mainly engaged in healthcare, catering services, manufacturing, scientific research and other industries in the United States. 82% of ethnic Chinese work in the private sector and 14% work in the government sector. Among them, 57% of Chinese Americans are employed in management, professional and other related fields. Engaged in “white-collar” work includes software development, managers, management talents, accountants and auditors.


Americans attach great importance to education. There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities that recruit international students, and provide close to more than 500 different subjects to choose from. Colleges and universities provide students with the most complete teaching equipment and resources, so that overseas students can obtain a substantial and Meaningful learning opportunities.
The education level of American universities ranks first in the world. It is the pursuit of many Hong Kong students to be able to go to the United States for further studies and receive top-notch university education. The United States attaches great importance to education, the learning atmosphere is free and relaxed, the credit system is more flexible, and the learning pressure is low. Moreover, the United States is a melting pot of world cultures. Studying in the United States will not only improve academic standards, but also broaden your horizons and provide an excellent opportunity to learn about cultures from all over the world. The relationship between American university teachers and students is relatively close, and teachers can give students more care and guidance.


Hong Kong students who want to enter a bachelor’s degree in the United States generally need to obtain a score of 870 or more on the SAT and a score of 45 or more on the TOEFL IBT (or IELTS 5.0 or more). The school will also refer to the student’s high school transcript. American universities mostly adopt the credit system, and students can graduate after completing the credits, usually 4 years. There are also students who choose to enter a community college, and then apply to enter the third year of an American university after two years. Some universities accept the conversion of community college credits to bachelor’s course credits.